Friday, March 27, 2009

Interesting Art And Artists ~ Childrens Art!

Part II of my Purple Bathroom~Home Decor, is some of my different art I've displayed in my bathroom. The photo above is called " Flower Music," by Richard V Goetz. My painting is 707/1000. Richard V. Goetz was a much acclaimed award winning oil painter born 1915 until his death in 1991. His wife Edith Goetz was also a very talented artitist, who won many awards for her exhibitions. Their daughter Mary Anna Goetz has carried on the family artistry in her own beautiful landscape oil paintings! I love this painting about 21 inches by 18, matted 2 by 3 inches displayed in a huge black frame. I shot photo sideways kept getting glare, and because of the glass, was picking up my own image too!

Many of you will recognize "Los Ninos," by Ted DeGrazia in the photo above. Ted DeGrazia received worldwide recognition as his painting was used by UNICEF as a greeting card which sold millions. Mine is a laminated copy about 5x7, but it still brings much joy to me when I look at it. Children representing world peace and unity! Ted. DeGrazia's Oils, watercolors, and pastels are remarkable, and carry a high price range. The children are my favorite, he had a special way of showing their innocence and beauty! DeGrazia became a legend in his protest against inheritance taxes on works of art. He burned around 100 of his paintings in the Superstition Mountains in 1976 in protest of the tax! His paintings are worth many thousands now, Ted DeGrazia died in 1982. Ted DeGrazia held a philosophy which Artists and Writers can relate to in the present day, at least I know I can:

"(My best painting) is the next one. I haven't painted it yet. I am in competition only with myself, and that's tough, because I believe each thing I do must be better in some way than the last." ~ Ted DeGrazia

The above art is by none other than my daughter. I kept a lot of her art from grade school. this one I have taped to my desk. The detail is awesome if a bias mother can say so! Reminds me of Spring! Childrens art brings tremendous joy into my life! Their imaginations are untouchable.

The Indian girl and red fox are displayed on my bathroom door, so anyone sitting on the throne can admire the rare artwork! I felt bad because when my daughter brought her home, I asked why she painted the dog red, and she said" it's a fox mom! "

I'm proud of all my art, these are a few of my favorites. I learned so much researching the lives of two classic artists, and will continue to admire their work in the years to come. My daughter receives A's in Art class today, she's also very talented!


Jo Janoski said...

Although the 'real' artists' works are great, I like the Indian girl the best!

Jo A. T.B. said...

Hi Jo

All my pieces of art hold a special place in my heart. The Indian girl is cute huh!

@nGeLine said...

Hi Jo,
I like the 'Los Ninos' photo. The children look happy inside it.
And your daughter's art really great especially the Indian girl and red fox. It looks cute!! If I just go through the picture--Indian girl, I think I will also misdescibing the red fox with the dog.

ochikeron said...

Hi jo,

Your house is like a gallery! Thanks for the brief explanations for those three artists! I love your daughter's work! How nice you keep them nicely. I have all mine, too but not having enough place to display :(
I like Ted's saying! I totally agree with his idea!!!

Jo A. T.B. said...

Hi Angeline

Yes the children's photo is one of my favorite! I had to hang up the Indian girl, just too cute!

Jo A. T.B. said...

Hi Ochi,

Thanks I've many pieces of art, a lot of mirrors, I love mirrors! Have some home interior pieces too! Someday I'll show you my other oriental pieces, I know you'll like them! Too bad you don't have the room, but I don't like too much clutter. I think simple ways are the best! :)

Nazarina A said...

I love the geisha art depiction so appropriate right?
Even the little children is just delightful but most of all I love art by your daughter.You have also given me a lesson on this collection Thanks! Your home is beautiful!

Jo A. T.B. said...

Hi Nazarina,

I thought the lives of the Artists were very interesting, much like us depicting our art. I love children's art so very innocent and untarnished! Thanks I'm glad you like my home!

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