Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Recue A Death Row Dog For The Holidays 2008!!!

Are you searching for a new dog during the holiday season? Can you help save a dog on death row? There are literally hundreds waiting to be rescued all across the U.S. These canines don’t have much time, they’re on a waiting list with only days or mere hours to be euthanized.

These dogs are in shelters which are over crowed and the poor little souls are being put down, to make space for other displaced dogs. They are perfectly healthy and vibrant, only being in the wrong place becoming innocent victims of circumstance.

Most no-kill shelters are closed for adoption during the Holidays, discouraging people from giving pets as gifts. Too many are returned after the holidays, because they’re mismatched. You need bonding time with a pet to know if you really like them, and if they bond with you too. It’s better to pick out your own pet, then you’ll get a pet you’re really matched up with.

But if you are a family in search of a new dog, there are some dog pounds and shelters open. For these dogs the clock is ticking fast, please if you are in the market for a new dog, take a good look at the ones in these shelters. You may locate a kill shelter near you, or look on the Animals In Danger website. A website bringing awareness to dogs dying in shelters!

Their website features dogs from coast to coast who are on doggy death row. You’ll find a photo and description of a dog, along with the shelter the dog is in! Also you’ll find exactly how many days the dogs have left. There is a memorial page for the dogs who were put down, which you can donate to the fund in their name! I can’t bring myself to look into those loving heartfelt eyes.

As an avid animal lover I wish to bring the plight of these unfortunate dogs to the forefront. We can’t save the world, but we can bring attention to the urgency of this grave situation. We all carry an eternal hope to find a loving home, for some of these precious dogs! This is the true mission of any organization in Animal Welfare! Can you be the one to rescue a wonderful- waiting dog from facing an untimely death!

Note* I'm featuring two dogs with very little time at the top right of my blog! Courtesy of the Website! Thank you for all you do!


Jo Janoski said...

Such a tragedy!

Jo A. T.B. said...

Yes it is Jo, breaks my heart!

Maggie said...

So many people are losing their jobs, their homes, their cars, and their entire belief systems.

They are also losing their beloved pets as they can no longer afford them. I know it must be so heartbreaking for them. And I hurt for all the homeless animals, many whose former owners are homeless or transients.

We're in a mess, folks, and I hope this new administration gets things going on the right path.

Glad you take the time to bring these issues to the attention of others.

Jo A. T.B. said...

Hi Maggie,

Such a sad situation everywhere huh! I fear that Rocky and his brother will be put down, If they haven't been already! He's the one at the top of my page!

I agree I hope the new administration is able to pull us out of this terrible slump!

Nazarina A said...

Oh Jo,
I am suddenly so sad when I read this post!!!I shall e mail this link of yours to many of my friends and family. I feel sick in the pit of my stomach!!!! You are such a caring soul to HIGHLIGHT this terrible situation.

My family and I are will be in the Florida Keyes for three weeks, but I shall check back for the venison post. I am dying to see how you are going to prepare it! Your husband most probably cannot wait!!! Jo my dear friend, have a merry Christmas and a happy new year. I am sure your family is going to have good smells coming out of your kitchen!

Nazarina A said...

Actually Jo, I am also going to put this link on my blog now, so that people can bloghop from mine to yours!

Jo A. T.B. said...

Hi Nazarina,

I wasn't trying to make everyone sad, I think this is a subject most folks don't want to think about. I know there is little some can do, but like you I think that bringing more attention to this issue we may find a home or to!

I saw the organization on a commercial, or something on T.V. awhile back, and I knew I wanted to investigate it further. To feature what they do, for all the animals everywhere! I even got in touch with some Lab rescues for Sonny, because I'm partial to Labs!

Please feel free to link to anything in my site. Have a great holiday and trip. :)

ochikeron said...

Hi jo,

Too bad that dogs can't speak out.
I hope not in Japan, but I might just don't know...

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