Friday, August 15, 2008

Succulent Home Garden Vegetables!

The fruition of our garden has yielded us many delectable vegetables. The two larger tomatoes were the first ones to turn this week. With the recent national tomatoe outbreak scares, I'm so glad we grow our own. At least we know where they come from!

We've had tons of cucumbers most of the Summer. I like to pick them alittle bigger than a pickle, but not quite as large as the ones from the store. You've not eaten a real cucumber, until you've tasted one fresh from the garden. My daughter and I eat a daily cucumber salad, and within the past couple weeks I've been able to add in my cherry tomaotes, and some thin slices of green bell pepper. I just have to keep us in stock of our different salad dressings!

I'm still picking zucchini, which I 've fried, baked into bread, made zucchini parmasan, and frozen fresh for soups, and any of the above I choose to make in the Winter months. Along with being so versatile in cooking, zucchini is very rich in Vitamin A, potassium, folate, and manganese. Being one of my favorite vegetables, zucchini is a low calorie food. I read that the flowers of zucchini plants, can be fried as a fritters or tempura. Never knew that, I'll have to try making the flowers sometime, just to see how they taste. I'll let you know. You may have to wait until next Summer, because the plants are about done for the season!

Also not pictured are garlic, and onions which are hanging to dry out! We still have tons of green tomatoes, cabbage, and pumpkins yet to ripen. The only thing we don't grow is corn, which doesn't seem to get very big in our garden. I love to watch both my vegetable and flower gardens grow. There is something about planting seeds, and small flower plants with your bare hands, to create a mature beautiful plant. I never grow tired of living this natural country life!


Anonymous said...

they look yummm :)

Jo said...

Hello Sumedh,

Thanks! Glad to see you back, and your site back up too!

Jo Janoski said...

Oooooh, yeah! You're sure right about the cukes. No comparison between store-bought and fresh!

Jo said...

Hello Jo,

Yup, fresh is the best. Can you believe we are still getting some out of the garden? Do you have one?

ochikeron said...

Thanks for sharing your photo, jo!
I was just going to ask you to show me someday!!! You have most main vegetables in your garden!!! In my garden, I can't grow any of them, maybe grape tomatoes but need many hands :(
Yes! Your own fresh vegetables are the best!!! I still remember my grape tomatoes! They were delicious of all.

Jo said...

Hi Ochi,

Grape tomatoes not too hard to plant, you just need to tie them up when they grow. This is the first year we grew them, I asked my husband to plant. I love them, my favorite too.

I thought you might like the photo best, because you are always photographing your recipes. :)

KATE EVANS said...

WOW! Beautiful. I'm impressed.

Jo said...

Thanks Kate! Sometime I'll take photos of the plants themselves! Love to take pictures!

Jo Janoski said...

Actually, we got so discouraged by the local deer population raiding our garden, hubby has taken up hydroponics and a little greenhouse for winter. A lot less work, but no 'back to the earth' feeling. We've got tomatoes, peppers, cukes, string beans, and zucchini.

Jo said...

Hi Jo,

We don't have problems with Deer here, There arent' too many, a larger number of them are being shot at deer season.

We do have problems with bunnies in the garden, in fact we had a baby bunnies nest in our cukes this year. They are mostly eatin the cabbage! I don't have the heart to hurt them, so they are still eating our cabbage!

Cool you have a greenhouse, you can always get an early start in the Spring!

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