Sunday, August 24, 2008

Bravo, The Naked Male Physique ~ Boscov's To Close 10 Stores!!

Refreshing to place my eyes upon a nude male for a change, or as my teen daughter would call it “Man Candy!” Society it seems embraces nude femininity much more readily than male.

We took a trek to Monroeville Mall to purchase a pair of DC shoes, which are all the rage, for my daughter’s back to school wardrobe. Our local mall didn’t have her size, and of course she had to have them. The Journey’s store there carried her size, and her wardrobe is finally complete for the moment!

We browsed the three story mall and found that the Oriental store I had frequented was gone, and that the anchor store Boscov’s was having a closing sale. Love this store, was only in the area for two years. They filed for Chapter 11, and are closing 10 stores due to the economy and lack of consumer spending. All a part of a restructuring plan, the under performance store closings will help the company regroup and regain it’s financial growth. You can find a list of their closing stores here! I hate to see fine stores go down, as I had been a part of closing a former Service Merchandise store, working in the Jewelry department for over 18 years.

I found some great deals on outdoor decor, and even picked up some xmas gifts. My husband bought me a pair of Thermolite boots for Fall pretty cheap. The weather gets rainy, muddy, and icy in my country area, so I need a waterproof pair of boots for around the house, especially in the Winter. Boscov’s carries some really nice quality merchandise, I highly recommend you check out their closing stores, you won’t be disappointed.

We ventured into the men’s department to check out stuff for hubby. My daughter was the first to notice the nude male mannequin. “Hey mom look!” she said laughing in her innocence! I said “ hummm pretty nice huh!” we both smiled. My husband out numbered walked further down the isle and shook his head.

In this modern day, women are on display like nothing. I’m not into exhibitionism, but with women nudity constantly being plastered on everything from ads to videos, I like the fact it’s a male for a change. Even if he’s a mannequin, the role reversal gives me some satisfaction. The male physique beautiful in it’s own right. I love everything about the male physique, being attracted to every part of a man’s body at a young age, much like my daughter. The feel of a man’s body close to mine, not only for wonderful sexual gratification, but to be aroused and held in the universe of male testosterone!


Jo Janoski said...

My goodness, are those mannequins anatomically correct? Oh happy day! ;)

ochikeron said...

Hi jo!

Oh your hubby :) I just imagined your family shopping at the mall seeing this. Very interesting point you picked up!!!

You've been working in the Jewelry department for over 18 years?! That's a long time and sorry to hear that. It has been only 4 years I worked at my workplace, so I can't imagine how you feel.

Boscov’s, their website is already closed?

Nice thermolite boots! And how nice your husband is!!! It is getting cold in Japan, so I need to get something for fall/winter!

Jo said...

Hey Jo,

I have to say this is the first time I saw an anatomically correct
maanequin, and I've done a lot of shopping in my lifetime! You and I are as ornery as any man! :)

Jo said...

Hi Ochi,

You never know what you might run into!

I've been out of retail over 6 years now. Still figuring out my next move!

The Boscov's site still up here:

I really needed those boots mine are leaking. I got the shorter version than the one pictured! Yes you will have to get ready for Winter! Gets slippy!

ochikeron said...

Konnichiwa jo!

Leaking... reminds me of my sneakers I wear every day... They go like sponge when they leak and takes time to dry :( Today I didn't wear those because the forecast said it gonna rain from the afternoon. I really need to get something for my commute!

Boscov's site, I can't still access. They might limit the region?!

Jo said...

Konichiwa Ochi,

No fun wearing wet sneakers! You need a pair of rubberboots, I saw once in pink, so alittle more lady like! We getting rain tomorrow!

Funny you can't access Boscov's.
They have neat stuff! :)

ochikeron said...

Hi jo!

Rubberboots sounds good! I had those when I was a child :) I know that there are many fashionable ones! I'm gonna look for those!!! I hope the rain won't stop after the purchase... my bad luck! ha-ha!

Jo said...

Yes Ochi,

Nice to have rubberboots when you are stuck in the rain, especially if you miss the bus! I'm sure you'll have rain after the purchase, but you can always save!

Joyce Ellen Davis said...


Jo said...

Does bring a smile huh Joyce! Are we bad??? :)

Joyce Ellen Davis said...


Jo said...

You got that right!

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