Monday, April 7, 2008

Charges Re-Filed Against Tiger Ranch Today!!! Tiger Ranch Supporters Fundraising Information ~ Update April 8, 2008!!!

Latest Tiger Ranch Update:
Tiger Ranch Linda Bruno Jailed Today ~ Sentencing Delayed! Update Oct 5, 2009!

Charges against Tiger Ranch Cat Sanctuary have been re-filed today. Ower Linda Bruno has been recharged with 574 counts of cruelty to animals. Her new preliminary hearing is set for April 17, 2008. Charges were dismissed on her first hearing last Thursday. New Video appears here:

Tiger Ranch fundraiser and donation information:

I've been informed by a source on my blog here online , that Tiger Ranch is fundrasing for supplies and food for the cats when they come back, and also to help with court costs in the case against Tiger Ranch. All food and supplies were taken in the Tiger Ranch raid on March 13 & 14th, 2008.

I tried to log on the original Tiger Ranch site, but the site is down. I assume due to the case pending litigation. Here is the site the source gave to me where they are accepting donations ~ Tiger Ranch

You can also give your support by buying Tiger Ranch merchandise on

Tiger Ranch T-Shirts ~

Tiger Ranch Buttons ~

Tiger Ranch Hats ~

The buttons have a picture of a beautiful cat behind a wire fence. A photo which urges the world to adopt pets from shelters. Pets are not truly happy unless they have a loving owner of their own. Each and everyone of us can make that happen, either by adopting or donating! I hope that beautiful cat was not put down.! I just recently adoped my cat OP from a no kill shelter, I just love him! Maybe we can all make a difference instead of fighting, but banning together for the sake of the cats. Making sure Tiger Ranch if allowed to continue , has the resources and funding to do so. Animals like poetry have always been my lifelong passion!!

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Anonymous said...

Tiger Ranch has a new site you can get all the updated infor on that site. Also there is a class action suit investigation against PSPCA

Jo said...

Hello A,

Thanks for stopping by, and giving me the new site, and the tables will be turned to the PSPCA, what an interesting case. I only wish I had the chance to see Tiger Ranch when it was in operation, such a beautiful site to have animals.

Anonymous said...

Here's an even better Tiger Ranch site!

Jo said...

Hi A,

I will definitely keep note of your new tiger ranch site, and post it soon!

I'm trying to leave my old post tributes to my mother up on front page, just wrote a letter to her sister after 30 or more years. Wanted her to see mom in these photos if she is still alive. Never met any of my Japanese relatives.

This case is so very close to me in my heart. I still feel in the center, perceiving both sides.

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