Thursday, February 21, 2008

Missing My Show, and The Calm Before The Storm.

Have any of you caught the weekly program "The Last One
Standing," on Discovery channel? It ran here every Saturday
morning at 10:00 AM. This was a ritual for me in my primping
for the day to watch these 6 men, who by the way were prime
specimens of the male species. They were to say the least
not at all hard to look at! Rajko was my favorite, with Brad
coming in second. The show was very interesting in the fact
that they actually lived with their tribal hostess families,
and were a part of their culture while they stayed there.
Their tribal sports competitions took them from Mongolia, to
South Africa, and to Mexico to name a few. They ate and
slept with their tribal families, and sometimes really drew
a bond with them. Congrads to Jason the BMX Player who was
the last one standing! I hope they bring this show back,
really enjoyed it! Information on the guys can be found here:
Last One Standing

A Winter storm is again headed in our direction, with yet
another sleet rain tomorrow. Ice skating rink weather
again, you gotta love it!

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