Friday, February 29, 2008

Here We Go Again ~ My Snow Pines!

We have more than doubled our snowfall totals for the month of February. Again 3-4 inches of snow, and now it has started to rain. Took this snap shot of my pines, one was a real christmas tree we replanted outside! The snow was so wet and heavy, great snowman making snow. Quite breath taking living here in the country. The snow seems to fill in the naked branches on the trees, and sometimes looks like lace! Have an inspirational weekend! :)


ozymandiaz said...

here's to global warming

Jo said...

I say amen to that! Thanks for stopping by! Will be visiting your blog soon!

Lisa said...

I love this photograph. I grew up in the snow - state of Iowa until I was 16. Even after 29 years of living in California, I find myself missing the beauty of a "real" Winter. Don't miss driving on ice, or wearing 20 layers of clothing or the snow turning to dirty sludge. But your photo reminds me of the silence of snow on trees and then the sound of it falling from branches - those 2 things are Winter's exquisite beauty. Your photo brought up some good "snow memories." Thank you! -- Lisa

Jo said...

Hi Lisa,

I'm glad you liked the photo! We are getting more snow tomorrow, so I may have more photos! February, and March is usually pretty mild, but we have been getting hit with rain, ice, and snow, making a real slippery mess. Snow very beautiful on the trees, don't like bundling up either! Hoping Spring will make her entrance soon! Thanks for stopping by, will be over to visit soon! :)

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