Friday, August 6, 2010

Animal Lovers Urgent Funds Needed For Lilly Beagle!

Update 8-26-10: Lilly has found a wonderful home here in Pennsylvania. Thanks to the Lewisburg Veterinary Hospital and Dr. Loving for taking Lilly into their rescue, giving her the vetting she needed, and finding her a good forever home with a wonderful family! A great ending for a dog who traveled so far, to be saved from a kill shelter!! Thanks to all involved for helping to get Lilly rescued! It was truly worth it!!

URGENT CRISIS! After all it took to get Lilly pulled and transport set up to
get her to her foster, this beautiful girl has tested NW+ PLUS has lyme. She's not doing well at all and needs to get treatment started NOW! Anyone wanting to donate towards Lilly's care can call the vet's office and contribute using a credit card over the phone to them. You can also send a check like I did by mail to:

Lewisburg Veterinary Hospital
829 Fairground Road
Lewisburg, PA 17837

C/O Kim Shuck and make sure to note it's for Lilly!
Phone Number: 570-523-3640 to inquire about her status or

Due to the high cost of Lilly's treatmet and urgent medical needs we're grateful
to the Lewisburg Veterinary Hospital for taking over Lilly's care!

I'm thankful for all who were involved in Lilly's rescue, and I'm so sadened that Lilly despite all the vet work she did have is really so sick. Lilly needs our help to get better, any amount will help her new rescue. We're still hoping for a happy ending for this special beagle!

Lilly was in a kill shelter, and I had networked her to help find rescue. Here is a post on facebook I posted previously everyone worked so very hard to rescue Lilly!

SAFE!!!Undate 7-31-10 Lilly Dog IS SAFE!!! Lilly is now in transport with her foster mom Robin!!It's been a busy week, from transport networking California to Virginia, and finally here to Pennsylvania for a lovely hound who needed rescued for over a month!! Thanks to Lilly's Rescue Julie from Forever Home for pulling Lilly, Katrina Transport Coordinator for putting together a transport in less than two days, Courtney from Bonnie Blue Rescue for pulling and boarding Lilly In Va, Transporters Kate, Eric, Ariel and Robin for transporting and Fostering Lilly, Melissa at New Kent Shelter, and to my buddy Linda who helped me to rescue and keep our Lilly dog Safe!! Robin promised updates. Thank you all for Networking Lilly!!

Anyone willing to donate to Lilly's urgent medical care please do so, no amount is too small! Thanks Kindly Jo ~

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