Friday, April 16, 2010

Early Spring Flowers II & Gardner Snake Photos

I had transplanted these lovely deep orange poppies last Fall. I was excited to see them bloom the earilier part of the week. Poppies add a touch of beauty to your Spring flower beds! These are my first poppies to grace my flower beds!

My hot pink tulips bloomed for the 3rd year in a row. The tulips have spread and are a gorgeous compliment to my purple phylox to the right!

The centers of the tulips are a bright yellow, giving a stunning contrast to the hot pink petals and long green leaves.

I stepped out to check laundry on the line yesterday, and guess who was back. My friendly gardner snake, was almost underfoot. Surpisingly he let me get this close with my camera! I was almost afraid at how close I was! These snakes have red tongues, which slide in and out of their mouths so fast. So now I must watch where I step, because one of these snakes could be lurking about! Gardner snakes love to bask in the sun too!

Were expecting storms today, the weather has been grand in the upper 70's. A cold front is coming through and we'll be 20-30 degrees colder! So is the crazy seesaw weather of Pennsylvania! How is your Spring going! I've been very busy featuring dogs on death row, here and on facebook. Some have gotten homes, and others have been rescued or sponsored. I'm elated to help these sweet dogs.

More photos and great stories to come, as always stay Literally In The Moment!


Jo Janoski said...

I love your flowers! They are great, the snake, not so much. lol. How about that storm last night? Our yard is a mess of limbs. It was scary, really. Any damages where you live?

Jo A. T.B. said...

No power here Jo for 27 hours! Had to get my freezer food out of here today especially the frige freezer. Lost some food, but was able to salvage major stuff! Telephone poles bent all over the place, traffic lights out! Trees down, what a storm! The outage is massive and could take til Monday for some. Glad to have mine on!

ozymandiaz said...

Oh, i guess you can't hear my wicked witch of the east voicover
great picks
I, in particular, love the snake.
stopped in the road on two occasions this past week
once for a king racer who was scooching accross
and once for a big ol fat cotton mouth that I almost didn't see as it was right after dusk. he was hanging in the road soaking up the heat from the pavement. i had to stop, get out, grab a stick and egg him on his way knowing the nextguy aloong may not be so kind as i

Jo A. T.B. said...

Cool D.B. Carry your camera around so you can get some shots of those kings racers and cotton mouths. There was once a huge snapping turtle in my driveway, I swear his body took up half my driveway humongous. My husband won't let me go near it, I wanted to photograph it so bad! I never saw anything like it in my life!

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