Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas ~ A Time For Rejoicing! Pittsburgh Steeler & Economic Reflection!

Wishing you and yours the happiest holiday season! I wasn't sure when I started this blog which direction I wanted to go. I seem to be leaning toward my other passion too, animals. The past couple years have been very sad for our family, due to the death of my mother, my father-in-law, and my cat of 16 years passed away in my home shortly before last Christmas. Also lost some good friends from my pier group, passing away before their time! They are all guardian angels, watching over me!

My new cat OP above, I bought from a shelter shortly after New Years 2008 ,purchased with my Christmas money! He has brought much happiness into our lives, making my heart full again. OP is really a good cat, I need to only motion to him, and he will get down. He hasn't even climbed up into our Christmas tree, his first real Christmas in a permanent home. OP has been a joy to watch in all his innocence, and he's the true epitomy of love. Delilah is hanging in there with all her arthritus problems. I haven't been walking her too much, the days have been very cold here, yesterday almost 20 below zero windchill! Cold weather is very hard, on senior animals, especially to their joints. My Vet told me to limit her time outdoors when the weather is cold. My animals are kept indoors majority of the time anyway!

I also wanted to elaborate on the Titans treatment of the Terrible Towel. I felt their behavior was disrespectful and unprofessional. One thing the Pittsburgh Steelers have is a very huge-loyal fan base, which could make any rival team envious! These actions will not stop them either! It'll only make the fan base stronger! We don't need to stoop to such levels even when we lose! I did a special tribute to Myron Cope inventor of The Terrible Towel back in February 2008!

One question which is also on my mind is: What about small business bailout??? Another business closing that is hitting our area hard is Sony closing a plant in Westmoreland county! All these small businesses going down like flies, everywhere! KB Toys joins the ranks of bankruptcy! Our Ruby Tuesdays is closing! When is it going to end? My husband owns a small business, this is scary folks. Who will be next in line? It just kills me, and some of these businesses are not that small! They've been around for a long time! We'll have nowhere to shop or work pretty soon!

Sorry I just can't stand to turn on the news anymore to listen to another business going under! I sure hope things get better with the New Year!

We rented The Mummy~Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, missed it when it was in the theaters here. So we'll veg out at home and watch it tonight! I'm hoping to catch The Curious Case of Benjamin Button after Christmas! Thanks to all my blog friends, readers!

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!


Jo Janoski said...

I'm still steaming about the Terrible Towel incident. It was so much more than those cretins realized, being our link to our beloved Myron Cope and all. Oh well!

Merry Christmas to you, too!

Dan said...

Unfortunately as with everything the bad apples get the press! I get tired of hearing 'sports stars' say "We didn't ask to be role models." Wake up, fellas! Every parent, spouse, co-worker is a role model. Whether they realize it or not people around them are affected by how they conduct themselves(especially those children look up to).

Sorry, Jo I'm not a Steelers fan, but even the 'terrible towel' deserves a measure of respect!

Jo A. T.B. said...

It got me really mad too Jo, but my husband just laughed. They were just being stupid, not realizing it made them look stupid! :)

Jo A. T.B. said...

You are so right Dan, we're all role models. What we do is seen by others, expecially by our children.

What are they teaching their own children, by doing such things. That it's ok to hurt others by destroying an item that represents a team they love!

Respect for oneself, and others has become a rare commodity these days! Even most children wouldn't act out like this, and they would have an excuse of youth!

ochikeron said...

Konnichiwa jo,

Merry Christmas!

How was the movies?
My boyfriend is so busy that we are not going to do anything tonight. I'm gonna go to the gym again today! Ha-ha ;)

I know what you mean. I also lean toward my other passion.

So many stores closing down in your area...
>>We'll have nowhere to shop or work
Very scary, but I feel the same...
I don't like my current job, but it's not a right time to switch!

From when to when do your husband and daughter have holidays?
Happy holidays ;)

Jo A. T.B. said...

Hi Ochi,

Thank you! I really liked the Mummy movie, but I missed the old Evie.

Yes! Best to stick with your present job right now, at least until things get moving in the right direction.

My daughter off on holidays from Dec 24- Jan 2, 2009! My husband back to work today, off on weekends!

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