Friday, October 3, 2008

Fatal Liaison ~ A Love Story ~ Softly Erotic!

Fatal Liaison

The Oyster House Restaurant is where it all began. Jessica Thomas sat at a secluded table enjoying her lunch. She could feel a lingering stare fall upon her. She lifted her eyes and met his gaze across three rows of red checkered round tables. He had attractive dark looks with astounding deep green eyes. They smiled mutually. She suddenly felt flushed looking away, to finish her oyster soup. She jotted down finishing lines for a product campaign . Gathered work notes, flung her purse over her shoulder, and moved toward the cashier to pay the check.

“I couldn’t help but notice you were all by your lonesome,” said a deep voice from behind. “Hi! My name is Ryan Hastings,” Flashing an enticing, pearly smile, eagerly extending his hand.

“Jessica Thomas,” She turned to face him with a smirk and shook his hand. She glanced down discretely noticing he had no wedding band.. From that day forward their rendezvous took place, first for lunch, continuing until they became almost inseparable.

“I promise I’ll get a divorce!,” Ryan relented one evening.

“I can’t believe you never told me,” said Jessica tearfully. “How could you do this to me?”

“We’ve been separated for a year and a half, and Leah won’t sign the papers.” I need more time to convince her.” “ I promise I’ll get her to sign the papers tonight.” Don’t worry babe, I’ll straighten this whole ordeal out.”

Ryan reached over to put his arm around her. Jessica feeling devastated stepped back abruptly, her mascara failing leaving black streaks streaming down her cheeks.

“Don’t touch me, or come back to me until you’re free!” “I refuse to be branded as the other woman.!” she defiantly declared.

“I can’t bear any distance to come between us! pleaded Ryan. Walking steadily toward her, sweeping her swiftly in his arms.

“I love you so much Jess!” He confessed. Glancing down into her huge brown eyes, stroking her long dark brown hair. Unable to resist the urge to press his lips hard against hers., he French kissed her wildly and deeply never wanting to let her go.

She struggled with her dignity, and felt her whole body weaken as his hot breath brushed her right ear, slowly kissing her neck. Her breath quickened, feeling his hand caress her breast, and feeling his desire growing hard against her inner thigh. She arched her body pressing even closer to him.

“Dam him for letting me love him!” Dam him for being irresistible!” Dam him for everything!” Jessica thought.

Both surrendering in the heat of their passion, devouring every inch of each other.

Now he had Jess quietly calmed down, Ryan focused on another important issue. He slipped out of the 2nd floor apartment to head over to the eastside of town. The rain came down in sheets, overflowing the roadway like a river. The weather stations were warning of flash flooding occurring in the area. Ryan hurdled across huge puddles forming on the sidewalks, and dodged soaking wet into the drivers seat. He felt more determined then ever to get Leah’s signature on the divorce papers. He could still smell Jess’s perfume on his shirt collar.

He reached the East End Bridge, and the rain fell heavier yet. He could hardly see through the rain washing over his windshield, but cautiously proceeded to enter the bridge. First accelerating the gas pedal, and realizing he needed to slow down. He jammed on the breaks which caused his Cadillac to spin out of control and hydroplane onto the opposite lane. A gray haired man driving a tow truck frantically beeped his horn, but it was all too late. Ryan was killed instantly in the tremendous impact.

A month later around 2 :00 A.M. Jess pulled her car into the parking lot across from the Oyster House. She couldn’t sleep wanting to feel closer to Ryan, so she drove over to their favorite meeting place. Another storm had hit the city, and the rain fell like the flood of tears flowing from her eyes.

Leah Hastings had claimed Ryan even in death, purchasing a black granite companion headstone. Yet the irony still remained, Jess knew no one could ever claim or take away from her, the unborn child conceived out of their genuine love.

©Jo A. True-Burkholder 2008

Been extremely busy as of late! I had this story brewing for my blogfriend Jo for her prompt on the Word Catalyst! I see she has another one up! Have a great weekend folks!


Jo Janoski said...

Don't worry! The new prompt is good for another whole week. Delicious story, but gee whiz--the Oyster House never did that for me...erotica and all. ;)

Jo said...

Hi Jo,

I may need another whole week! Life is busy, but good! You know what those oysters do to ya don't you!

I'm glad you liked it, tis what popped in my head with your photo,nice photo by the way!

I always liked a good love story! Erotica just alittle walk on my wild side! :)

terrymcdermott said...

A tragic yet great job on this assignment. Wished i had the time to do them.

Jo said...

Thanks Terry,

I'm generally a poem minimalist, but decided to give this a go. Since I already had the storyline in my head, I just needed to edit and put on paper! Jo has another prompt, which will fit us better!

ochikeron said...

jo, how touching this story is... I like this kind. Very sad but makes me think of something.

I just realized in the end... did you write this story???

Jo said...

Hi Ochi,

I thought I would try a short story for a change. I'm sure I could still edit in spots, and yes I did write this.

I had fun composing the storyline to Jo's photo, like it was alive my mind waiting to be written!

ochikeron said...

You are very creative in writing and cooking and many things!!! I have nothing literary in my mind waiting to be written. Maybe because I don't read books...

Jo said...

I know you have a cookbook up your sleeve Ochi! You have so many recipes just waiting to be written. I'm sure with your following, you could see your books online very easily! :)

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