Monday, September 1, 2008

September 11th - 7 Years Later!

We drove 60 miles to visit the Somerset flight 93 crashsite in the Spring of 2003. My favorite monument at the site pictured in my header above. I thought the inscription captured and defined a horrific historic day. I'm unsure if the monument looks the same now, but the carved stone was picture perfect with the momentos left by touring visitors.

I think we can all remember where we were on that fateful beautiful crisp Autumn day. The sky was immaculately clear, and devoid of any planes in sight. It was as if the whole world stopped, paralyzed in the moments of not wanting to believe what truly was happening before our eyes. The raw emotion of it, triggered an emptiness and uneasiness we never experienced as a nation before. Our own individual safety was being jeopardized, and tested beyond new limits. We were now unexpectantly put on guard for suspicious terrorists surrounding our doorsteps. Duct tape flew off the shelves, as well as non-parishable food items. People were scared and worried about the future.

Seven years later, the recession seems imminent upon us. House foreclosures, businesses shutting down, gas prices climbing up even higher causing a domino effect of soaring prices in general, and the war still continues on. The economy slowly crumbling at our feet, and we have no choice but to pay and pay, and try to survive.

Folks are cutting way back, we didn't even take a family vacation this year. Sticking closer to home, and staying by our own pool this summer. We drove around to events in our surrounding area, and eating out has become too expensive. Less spending filters right back down into business profits too. It's come to the point, I don't want to listen to the news anymore to hear what else will be next to rise in the price crunch. They say inflation isn't upon us, but we can all feel the pinch of recession closing in.

If we think times are arduous now, I don't even want to think what the future will bring for our children. What things will cost then, how will they survive? In a technology reliant generation, the me generation. A rude awakening to revert back to basic living, without luxuries. A way of life we are forced into living everyday, and the refusal of so many officials, and econmic educators, to grasp the true reality of families being hit hard with INFLATION -RECESSION!


Jo Janoski said...

I know it looks really bad, but it's all cyclical--unexpected things happen. Like in the 70's we had runaway inflation that was unbelievable. Every trip for groceries costs $10 more every week. Mortgage rates hit 12%. There were gas lines because of an embargo. But you know what, ten years later, we had unbelievable prosperity. This too shall pass because evolution is always in the air--whatever it takes.

ochikeron said...

Hi jo! I totally agree with your concern and I hope this recession passes soon like your friend says.

I think Japan should change. Still some companies (like our company) is dependent on the seniority system :( I know we have things to learn from them but young people should be valued more...

I can't believe it has been already 7 years from 911.
It means, 7 years have passed since I graduated from college!!! Oh no... time flies!

Jo said...

Hi Jo,

I know I'm just letting off steam. I'm sick of going to the grocery store and things are up every week.
In fact didn't buy much meat this time around.

I'm waiting with you on the evolution to come. The quicker the better!

Jo said...

Hi Ochi,

I know I shouldn't complain, things are even highter priced in Japan. You have it even harder there to make ends meet.

Most companies here are also seniority oriented. You start at the bottom and work your way up. A very hard place to be indeed, starting at the bottom.

Yes 7 years has passed quickly! You are still very young! :)

Maggie said...

I am sure one thing that helps out in these difficult times is your garden--not just for the wonderful bounty, but for the healing powers of working the earth.

I have not had a vegetable garden in some time, but I do have an herb garden and about 7 other flower gardens in my yard. I have 2 perennial shade gardens, one garden I am working on in memory of my father--all perennials,and several other perennial garden beds. I add a few annuals for some additional seasonal color, but I love the hardiness and beauty of my perennials.

Keep enjoying that wonderful garden food! I just stopped at the Farmer's Market a few days ago and brought home some beautiful and delicious goodies--eggplant, sweet potatoes, cantalope, speckled butter beans, okra, and jalapenos. My neighbor has romas growing, so I get all of those I want (with their blessings!)

Jo said...

Yes Maggie my garden is the most healing part of my day. I love to pick it's bounty, and cook it too!

My zennias are doing wonderfully, even though we have not had rain in a week! I lost my mother 2 years ago like you lost your father!

I just made some sausage stuffed garden tomatoes, and sweet and green peppers! Lush! Nice to have a good garden friend! :)

Maggie said...

Sounds yummy! I am going to stuff some Roma tomatoes with ricotta and herbs & top them with some bread crumbs. I'll serve them with some kale wilted in olive oil, garlic, rosemary and olive oil chicken, and grilled yellow squash marinated in tamari and sesame oil. Getting hungry now!

Dan said...

It's one thing for those in the military to sacrifice their lives, but quite another for those on the flight...for all of the innocent lives given on 9-11, really. I get goosebumps when I hear the words 'Let's roll'...those involved we're very special folks. Thanks for the reminder, Jo.

Jo said...

Your dinner sounds scrumptous Maggie, love all those veggies, and grilled too! Can I come over!

Jo said...

Thanks Dan,
I just loved the monument, and the saying "Let's Roll," had to come from a very extraordinary and cool guy! I feel proud when I hear it, and I'm proud to have it pictured here. All the 911 victims deserve to be remembered! Thought the post was special for the anniversary date!

Joyce Ellen Davis said...

Scary times. I hope Jo J is right, that this too shall pass.

How close were you to the crash site? My oldest boy was about 3 blocks from the twin towers.

At least most of us are in the same boat and know how to sympathize with each other! I would love to have a garden...maybe next year.

ochikeron said...

Ohayo jo!

>>Most companies here are also seniority oriented
Really?! Somewhat we Japanese believe that Americans are meritocratic!!!
Maybe it was true after 911 though...

Anyway, I believe there is a lot of chance in America :)
American Dream!!!

Jo said...

Hello Joyce,

I certainly hope Jo is right about the economy, she too went through it, I was very young in the 70's to remember it!

We were 60 miles from the crash site when it happened, we didn't hear a thing. On our visit we had to stand about a mile away from the actual crashsite! Did your son actually get any pictures!

Yes I'm very lucky to have a garden! Love it! :)

Jo said...

Konichiwa, Ochi,

Folks do get ahead here with there abilities, but the rich do have better opportunities because they can afford it! Like everywhere I guess, the poor, and middle class work the hardest for everything!

I know my past company senority was a big thing. Most companies don't want too many workers with senority anymore, and a lot go out of business before you can put time in!

Yes the American Dream, I just wrote a poem about it. You need to be young and patient to grab it!

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