Friday, July 18, 2008

$2,500 Reward For Dog Fed Glass Abuse!!

As an avid animal lover, a story a couple days ago grabbed my attention. Scooter a mixed breed dog of Mt. Pleasant, Pennsylvania, was deliberately fed glass. An x-ray revealed ground pieces of glass all through the poor dogs digestive system. Owner Maryann Stull is outraged, leaving her dog for four hours in his kennel, while going to a graduation party.

She found blood though her house and in her dogs’ bedding. Thinking Scooter had a bad cut, she took him to Veterinarian, Dr. John O’Laughlin. “This really had to taste good, “ said Dr. O’Laughlin. Glass was found in Scooter’s lungs, stomach, and chest cavity. In addition, Scooter had to undergo stitches for deep cuts to his tongue.

Stull has since set up surveilance cameras, and refuses to leave her dogs outside without supervision. Scooter is still recovering, but may be at risk for future complications.

Anyone with any information on this cruel and intentional act is to call Fayette Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals at 724-438-3121.

Story links and video here:
Reward Offered After Dog Fed Glass
Connellsville dog recovering after fed glass filled burger

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