Monday, June 23, 2008

E85 Another Viable Fuel Alternative! Have You Signed The Drill Here Gas Petition!!

As the price of gas continues to rise, the search for other fuel alternatives is on the forefront. E85 is 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline. Corn is a major component used to make E85, which is a much cleaner blend for the environment. Brazil and Sweden have already adapted E85 as a fuel for everyday use, and E85 is spreading quickly to the U.S. Finding a fuel station that carries E85 is rare. More and more automakers are building flex fuel vehicles, the demand will soon go higher for E85 pumps! Chevrolet has a page on their site about the new flex fuel vehicles they are implementing into the market.

Our Impala is not on the list of E85 Compatible vehicles, we missed it by a year. the nearest E85 station would be 30 miles or more away from my home, one way. From what I’ve read and heard about E85, is that it burns faster than regular grade petroleum. But with my average price of gas here running $3.99, the price of E85 in my general area is $3.49, there is a 50 cent difference. Once they implement more E85 pumps into more gas stations, it'll become more feasible to use E85.

Here is a list of E85 Compatible Vehicles ~yours may be on the list if it's newer!
National Ethanol Vehicle Coalition also has a list, but you need Excel to pull it up.
The U.S. Department of Energy has a page to help you by using Vehicle ID number.
You can check E85 prices by your state and find a station in your general area at Pretty cool site!
Some more information on
Wikipedia about E85.

Lastly have you signed the Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less, Gas Petition? We need all the help we can get ~ Help make a change over 1 Million Signatures!!


ochikeron said...

Hi jo!

Take time and decide to use it or not! Like you said, E85 burns too much gas :)
But you are lucky to live there where it is available! I don't know how things gonna change in Japan. Scary. Government announce such things at the last moment :(

Jo said...

Hi Ochi,

I know things changing all the time. Hard to keep up with it all!
I think we may go back to the farming days, where everyone grows their own food, shoots their own meat! Back to Daniel Boone days, or olden times. :)

K.C. said...

Your site is opening my eyes to things that I just didn't know about. So glad that I found you...

You were so right about living in the moment... I do not live in the past.. I was definitely having a bit of a past moment there in my post.. was trying to decide whether to even leave it in...and in the end I did... seems to have touched quite a few people...

Just got myself bunched up for a few moments.. Thank you so much for your insight once again.. Kayce

ochikeron said...

Hello jo!

Today I was stressed out with my work, but I thought it might be a modern disease.

>> go back to the farming days
This can be said to many aspects of our life.
I always wonder whether things are changing in a right way or not.

K.C. said...

I meant to ask you... "Things I meant to tell you..." the book you mentioned on your profile.

I saw it the other day. A must read? Almost got it and skipped it for another. May go back and get it. Kayce

Jo said...

Hello Kayce,

Not always easy to live in the moment, for it is the past which makes us who we are. Also our most grievous trials in life, bring us closer to others who share the same kinds of sadness.

Yes the book I have often read it, wasn't sure if there were any copies left? She is a minimalist poet, much like the way I like to write. Short and to the point. I know you can relate to a lot of her poems. Let me know how you like it! :)

Jo said...

Hi Ochi,

I had a stessed out day today too!
Soemtimes I'm too nice, and those around me take advantage.

I think there is a lot to be said about olden ways. Modern technology is wonderful, but lacks
common sense at times! But we must flow with the tide, and try to keep up! :)

ozymandiaz said...

better yet, lets stop pandering to the evil overlords who have put our planet in a stranglehold. but everything that has happened is out fualt. we have allowed ingnorence to breed ingnorence. our economies are based on consumption and dept. soon our planet will be too toxic to support life. you think that is an extreme statement? We have been producing plastics for less the a century and already it begins showing up in all of our foods. at the rate we are going global warming won't hav e a chance to get us.
hell, high gass prices might be the one thing to slow our march toward oblivian.
sorry for ranting

Jo said...

You always leave me speechless Ozzy! You certainly have a point, about toxic waste. Yes it's in our food, and you think the scientists would figure the toxins come from plastic bags. I can oly hope I'm not killing my family by freezing all my garden vegatables in freezer bags?

I know you mentioned on your site about plastic bags. I failed to mention, out here the country we burn all our paper products. I don't know it if this is the answer, but it does save garbage from going to the landfills. I know the toxins from burning also hurt the ozone. But the time it takes to burn 20 minutes at the most. You're damed if you do, and damed if you don't so to speak.

My husband thinks like you~ we're going to blow ourselves up one way or annother one day, and that will be the end of it ~ overlords and all! Just trying to survive ~us ordinary people! :)

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