Thursday, May 8, 2008

What I See

I walk along cow pasture horizons, greeted by a young herd of black Spring heifers. Lush green grass carpets hilltops, as far as the view can conceive. Serenity surrounds me with only the sounds of sweet songbirds, and two bull cows mooing.

I walk along an old dirt railroad track, through rows of giant sycamore trees. A purple spotted monarch flutters ahead, resting on dead fallen leaves. I capture her beauty as she spreads decorative wings.

While white tree blossoms reach for a twilight sky, grateful am I to be here alive. To witness all I see, as Spring sheds her bounty.

I never grow tired of the world's beauty, I can never get enough of all I can drink in with my eyes. I could write, photograph, and envison it all in my mind forever, until my dying days.

©Jo A. True-Burkholder 2008


Lisa said...

Jo, The picture of the purple spotted monarch is stunning. Thank you for identifying this butterfly for me. I took pictures of one at the UC Botanical garden. I'd never seen a butterfly like this before, but I could not get a great shot of it like you did. Wonderful!

Jo said...

Hi Lisa,

Thank you, glad you liked the butterfly, I couldn't believe it let me get so close. Too bad my camera shadow on there alittle, then my dog came up and scared her away. It was hard cause she was opening a closing her wings, and I wanted them open. She almost looked like a moth butterfly. I'm guessing she is a monarch, looks really close to the monarch family. We have so many cross breeds of things out here in the country! :)

KATE EVANS said...

What a stunning photo at top--and the rest are great too. I love your love of the world. We are lucky to be in its beauty.

KATE EVANS said...

PS: She's not the kind of Monarch we have around here, which are brilliant orange with black spots. In fact, the monarchs come around here (to the coastal areas) from about Oct.-Feb. They are so gorgeous; check this out:

Jo said...

Hi Kate,

I was over to visit your blog earlier, but the blog comment thingy was not working right. I tried 5 times to leave a comment, and it kept making me log in. I'll try again!

I love working with photo manipulation, I miss my photoshop program. When I got a new computer, the photoshop was not compatible, and it is so expensive.

I did try going on your link, but the photos are not coming up! We do have the orange monarchs here too, in fact last Fall I got a photo of one. I think it was left behind in the migration. I'm not sure if ours from here migrate to there, or maybe go to Florida! Such an unusual butterfly with white laced tips, and purple spots! :)

ochikeron said...

Good morning (in Japan) jo!
I think I need to look up the sky.
You are right!
If I can be grateful to be here alive, I won't be that distressed!
Thank you! Glad to read your post!!!

Jo said...

Good morning Ochi,

We look at the same sky, but oceans away. Yes the sky is quite beautiful, the clouds and sun, and at night the stars and moon. It is God's gift, and we need only to admire it! I hope your stress goes away! :)

ozymandiaz said...

what a beautiful walk eh?

Jo said...

Yes Ozzy, A beautiful walk indeed!
So many sites to see, right outside my door. The road takes you wherever your imagination can go, and nature always delivers!
cherrio :)

ochikeron said...

Hello jo! It is raining again in Tokyo.
I will try to enjoy the nature around me! My boyfriend loves to watch birds. He watches pigeons on the way to the station. I think he is smart! He never moans :)
I hope the weather clears up!!!

Jo said...

Going to rain here too Ochi, but it has warmed up. I like birds too, but they fly away so fast, I can never get a pic. Was walking my lab the other day, and a doe walked right in front of us, of course I did not have my camera. She was with 3 others, one was a fawn!

pepektheassassin said...

I LOVE your new butterfly header. Great photographs, all of them.

Jo said...

Thank you P, I love to take photos, and play with them. I never saw a butterfly like her, we get so many different kinds of species here.

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