Monday, April 28, 2008

Tiger Ranch 2nd Preliminary Hearing Update April 28, 2008!!

Tiger Ranch Linda Bruno Jailed Today ~ Sentencing Delayed! Update Oct 5, 2009 View Here!

Tiger Ranch Linda Bruno faces over 500 animal cruelty charges today, in her now second preliminary hearing. Due to the large amount of media, supporters for and against, and witnesses for the Tiger Ranch case, today's hearing took place in the Allegheny Courthouse. Prosecuters presented video and recordings of the raid on Tiger Ranch March 13, 2008, where the SPCA claims to have taken dozens of sick and dying cats from the premises.

Richard Manning Allegheny County Sheriffs Detective testified about the unfit conditions of the Tiger Ranch property, and also the sickly condition of the cats. He said "The majority of the cats appeared to be lethargic." 100 cats were also found in the freezer. Bruno claims that the cold ground too hard to bury the cats. She also claims cats were planted and moved to different parts of the shelter when video was taped.

Linda Bruno maintains her innocence saying "I'm blessed, humbled, and honored by my supporters." Her online petition has almost 500 signatures in support of her cause! Tiger Ranch Petition site here:

Linda Bruno Quotes Today: "God says he never forsakes the righteous." "You'll see the righteous win." Her other famous quote: "Like A Phoenix From The Ashes Tiger Ranch Will Rise Again."

More testimony tomorrow, as we wait for the judges decision whether the case will go to trial!

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