Saturday, February 16, 2008

Neko ~ My Japanese Lucky Cat

The past two years have taken quite a toll on me. My mother passsed away in April 2006, my father-in-law in Jan 2007, and most recently my Bones cat passed away with me here at home just before last xmas. So in all my sadness I decided to get a new kitty. My Bones was an abandoned kitten dropped off at my home. A photo I took of him won a photo contest sponsored by our local humane society, found on my animal webpage here: Inspirational Images For Animal Lovers

I found OP at the same shelter that Bone's calendar was in. OP was dropped off at the shelter and found trying to keep warm in the Oil Pan of the shelter's van. I fell in love with him immediately, when I saw his photo. He had special Japanese eyes. We went back to that shelter 3xs, being animal lovers it was so hard. But something drew me to OP, we finally got him. He was very sickly for 2 weeks, but I nursed him back to health, and he is a wonderful addition to our family. My chocolate lab Delilah loves him!


Kate Evans said...

I feel for you. We've had numerous major losses in the last four years (my partner's mom, two of her mother's sisters, my father, our beloved lab and two cats). Sometimes the losses seem never-ending. That's when I turn to those who are here, trying to cherish them. Dogs and cats are beautiful in that way, so in the moment.

Jo A. T.B. said...

Hey Kate,

Yes, I don't realize sometimes how much other folks suffer too. You seem to have had your share! We did bury our lab Sampson in 2000,
he was the father of my Delilah. She is 13, and I figure we'll at least have OP when she goes. He is a wonderful cat, he pulls my hand to his face with his paws, too cute! Thanks for stopping by will be over to visit soon!

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